Welcome to Scotland

Dunnottar Castle  - Aberdeenshire.

Welcome to Scotland, the land of Traditions, Beauty and Adventure, Scotland is full of life where you will find your much sort after playground, so much so you will be will be again and again. Scotland is one of the most diverse countries in the world, you will find almost every nation and every religion living, working and playing together, you will be welcomed with open arms.
The Traditional view of Scotland is a land of mountains and hills, bagpipes and kilts with Porridge and Haggis on every menu, yes you can have that if that is what you’re looking for, but lift the tartan blanket at the corner and take a peek underneath and you will find that the traditional Scotland is under there sitting with modern and vibrant.

Scotland holds its hands out and shouts come and taste the food and wine that is home grown, sample the whiskies made from Scottish grown grain and the softest water and which you choose you will taste a tipple which has been drunk for many
years, some with the hint of peat, some with the hint of the sea but all the men and women who have learnt the secrets of whisky production are proud to produce this real amber nectar and proud to say "We produced that!"Food production the traditional lines, smoking of river caught salmon, potatoes grown in fertile ground, Pheasants hung for that perfect taste, Venison cooked to perfection and seafood from the clean waters around Scotland’s coasts. Fruits such as Strawberries, Raspberries, sought after by restaurants all over the world, many are flown from Scotland to be on the tables of Paris, Rome even Sydney and you will get to taste it all in Scotland, cooked by experienced and dedicated chefs.

Scotland has beauty which will take your breath away, Mountains & Glens, Rivers & Streams, Villages & Towns, Cliffs & Beaches, whether staying in five star hotels, bed & breakfasts, in a mobile home or under canvas its all there for you to see and enjoy. Whether its a weekend shopping trip in Edinburgh or two weeks of 'Roamin' in the gloamin' its all there for you to see, what ever year you come to Scotland you will find beauty around every corner, you will also find beauty in Scotland's people. Scotland is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with nearly every nation living and working beside each other, if that is not beauty then your not looking.
So grab your boots, your waterproof clothing, your shopping bags and your cameras, come and see what we have to offer you, your friends and your family.
Have you ever thought of getting married in Scotland, in the open air with Ben Nevis as your backdrop, in a Romantic Castle by a loch or a river, how about in Gretna Green the scene of many a eloped couple being wed over the Blacksmiths anvil since 1754 what can be more beautiful than that.

If your looking for Adventure Scotland has all the adventure you can possible want, fantastic network or cycle route from the gentle peddle on flat ground to the grueling track over the mountains. How about rock climbing? Most towns and cities have indoor climbing walls and of course having more hills and cliffs per population you will be spoilt for choose and there are many guides with hundreds of years experience between them who know the hills and mountains like the back of their hand and they will organise a day or a overnight walk or climb for you. But if you want to do it yourself you will find a wealth of information online or if you go into any of the equipment shops you will get just what you need. Scotland is also the place for the sport of Geocaching, if you have never tried this then you are missing out of a fantastic way to see Scotland, learn its history and see amazing sites.
The winter brings the cold weather and the snow and with it some of the best affordable skiing in Europe, with lifts and vehicular railway to take you to the top with a spectacular ski down, with everything on hire including expert tuition you will be mastering the slopes in now time. There are some dry ski slopes so even if there is now snow you can keep up the skill with some summer skiing.
But its all not about running about the mountains scaling cliffs and mountains and charging about the side of a hill on a mountain bike. There are castles ancient battle fields all over Scotland which are begging to be discovered and if you buy a Historic Scotland or National Trust membership you will find that some are free to enter. The history of Scotland is an adventure in itself with everything within miles of each other, many with cafe and restaurants so you can make a day of it, some of the castles and sites you may remember from such films as James Bond, Highlander, Loch Ness and you can find these film sets online and visit them.
Scotland has so much to offer everyone young and old, but please check first if you have disabilities or elderly as some places maybe difficult to access but if you telephone a head arrangements maybe made.
Just enjoy Scotland, I came here 35 years ago and never went home .

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